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An Introduction

I was inspired to write by a friend of mine, and to make a website by another, so this will just be a compilation of a blog, a story, photography and quotes. A well rounded sampler of who i am. Not that you will know, unless you do. If you do, you were one of the two that inspired me, or youre really fucking special. No matter, the point is, youre here. One way or another you landed on this URL.

So why are you here? Why are we here? What is here exactly.

Most likely you are here because of chance, an accident, or some fateful wormhole, but id like to think there is a reason youve stayed. Sheer curiosity? Perhaps. Intrest? Most likely. If you are returning and find yourself asking why you are here, i'd like to think you felt a connection to me, or learned something about yourself, or are obsessed with others' drama. Regardless, you're here. With that said, I welcome you, stranger, with open arms into the deepest parts of me. Its okay because you dont know who "me" is. And i dont know who you are. There is always comfort in annonymity, indulge yourself.

As far as why we are here, the answer isnt one thing. Mostly i am writing for myself and those who want to listen. Almost like ive been blindfolded and lead into a room. Im compeled to speak my mind and share my thoughts regardless of knowing if an audience lays in front of me. I'll never know, if youre reading this. You'll never tell me, and ill never know. So put simply, I am here to scream into a vast land of everything and nothing, and youre just here to receive the echos.

I'm sure you have a good idea as to what "here" is by now but incase you havent, "here" is a place for me to share my thoughts on life, love, death, religion, humor, good and bad, and the lessons life teaches you. Its a story. Its a musical board of the songs that have shaped my life. Its moments I capture in perfect stillness to basque in their slightly underwhelming gloary because a screen will never capture the dynamics life offers, the deep lows are piercing highs and color and volume all pale behind a screen. But this will do for now.


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