Cemetary Bench

id like to think when i die i could have a bench to rest my spirit a while. Enjoy the release, before the nothingness hits.

Id like to think, that for a moment my spirit will get to rest amoung the nature, and be able to enjoy the feeling of release before absorbing into the nothingness. Dust amoung stars. Until then, i shall encaptulate the beauty of a silent garden of eternity.


the remainders of something buring. grey brown smoke bellows up in gentle dancing ribbons, growing more cloudy as the wind stirs its formation. If you try hard enough, you can smell the sulfur in the air

Youre the smoke that fills my lungs. Bad for me, but bring the sweet relief i crave. I cant have you, i shouldnt. its not what i need, its not how i should cope but its hard when your smile makes me feel and the thought of holding you in my arms makes me weap. I just want to hold you in, embrace your goodness and warms. but i know i cant... i shouldnt. You deserve better than me, you dont want me. so i breathe out, because i know that i cant hold you like i want to forever. For now ill just enjoy you in small doses, and dream about one day finding someone just like you.


Painted clouds in the sky. Ash smears across baby blue highlighted by soft pink that you just know, if you concentrate hard enough, would taste like pink cotton candy

I used to take time to notice the beautiful finer things. I was always a pretty decent photographer i just stopped. I regret that, and im going to start doing it again. But when i look at this picture, i can feel the warm slightly humid air blow against me while i sit and breathe. THC really does make just sitting much more enjoyable. Today i sat on the trunk of my car for a good 15 min just soaking up the overcast windy weather, just moments away from rain. You can smell the sweetness of it coming, the water cooled wind cutting through the air that got heated from stillness.
take time to look around and breathe.

A Monk Meditation Garden

Monk Meditation garden

Someone in my life always gets on me for not taking time for myself, for meditation, for figuring out who i am as a person. I don't know why you have to formally meditate to learn about yourself. In fact i learn a lot about myself in the actions i do and how i function in daily life. Meditation is funny to me. While i see its value, it's not a cure all and it certainly isn't the only way of going about things.