"And I dont know what love is, but I'm growing"

"You didnt love me the way i wanted to be loved. I dont know if thats fair to you or not? I dont know if thats fair to me or not?"

"How should i believe that you love me, when i cant even love myself?"

"I just feel like screaming at the sky until it falls apart"

"Lean into yourself when the world feels unsteady"

"Other people are not medicine"

"You created a man that couldnt want you and you gave him my name"

"You and i got to do for you and i"

"I wont stop until joy is all I have"

"What a time to be alive right now"

"Now you're just a stranger with all my secrets"

"Did you like your ex as a person? Or were you just in love"

"How's the weather inside you?"

"We just became strangers who knew each other all to well"